Ditch the Scale Coaching Program

End The Fight with Food & Your Body

Go on a 12-week journey with me to end your struggles with food once and for all.


Hello beauty! My name's Andrea.
 I am literally you, except just a couple of steps ahead.

Not too long ago, I was just a girl who wanted to be loved and accepted but who felt that if she gained a pound she would lose everyone’s love and support.
Can you relate?

As you can imagine, believing that set me up for a life of starving myself, fad dieting, binging, emotional eating, purging, rinse, repeat. A cycle of endless, self-inflicted torture. Food used to completely own my life. Literally.

I've since worked with psychologists, psychiatrist, nutritionists, been on anti-anxiety medication and anti-depressants. I've done bikini competitions to prove to myself that I could do it and stick to a diet.
I became a personal trainer and that didn’t help me solve the problem for myself or for my clients. I then became a health coach and that didn’t help me solve it either! I became a nutritionist and I realized that giving people diet plans was NOT helping them! People know they shouldn’t be emotionally eating cookies but they still do it! Why? I went for my masters in more holistic nutrition and realized that that wasn’t it either!!!

I could NOT get to the bottom of emotional eating and eating disorders for myself or for others.
On top of that, even as a nutritionist, I still found myself binging, obsessively counting calories and struggling around food.
Until I worked with and got certified as a food freedom and self-love coach!

Incorporating and studying emotionality, beliefs, thoughts and self-love has literally changed the game for me and my clients!
I've now gotten to the bottom of why I was eating emotionally and learned how to deal with those emotions.
 I've been able to stop binging and connect to my body again. I now look at myself - my TRUE, whole self - with a sense of appreciation. 
I look at my health and nutrition from a place of love instead of hatred and fear.
I never thought I’d be where I am today!
And I promise you that you can too!!

Going through all of this I have discovered such powerful lessons, tools and frameworks that I literally cannot wait to share with you! 
I’m so freaking excited!!
 Because of that, I'm now launching this kick-ass Ditch the Scale program, where in 12 weeks you will learn everything that took me 14 years of struggling with food to figure out. 
I am here to help you do the deep, emotional work that won’t just make your eating better, but that will benefit your entire life. Your relationships, your finances -- everything will shift.
Are you ready to let go of your bullshit stories and beliefs around food and yourself and step into your power?
You are not alone beautiful lady, and I want to make sure to support you along the way.

Let’s dig deep so that we can truly make a shift from the inside out and unleash our ultimate potential!


12 Weeks of Group Coaching

This is literally priceless! 
Live Zoom call group coaching with a max of 10 other women going through the same exact thing as you.
Ask your questions anonymously and I will address them on the call or raise your hand and I will work with you one on one.
These calls will be recorded so that you can look back at them at any time.

12 Video Modules

12 weeks, 12 (15-30minute) video modules or lessons to guide you in transforming your relationship with food, your body and yourself.

Unlimited E-mail Support

If you have technical difficulties or have questions about a lesson, I'm here to support and guide you. Shoot me an email and I promise to reply within 24 hours. 

Body Love Training Program

As you're going through the course, I want to make sure you move your body in a way that makes you feel your best. This is a 12 week exercise program. It's updated biweekly on my app by your very own personal trainer. You will also be able to ask your trainer any questions you may have about the workouts.

Weekly Journal Prompts

This is your homework. This is where you take the lessons and dig deep for true, lasting transformation.

Weekly Meditations

Each meditation allows you to take the corresponding week's lesson and integrate it into your body so that you don't just understand the concepts intellectually but you also understand it at a visceral level.

This course is for you if...

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You struggle with emotional eating or have a hard time keeping weight off.
  • ​You struggle with negative self talk and body hatred.
  • ​You're ready to dig deep, be honest and show up for yourself.
  • ​You're open to meditating.
  • ​​You have a hard time controlling your emotions.
  • ​You want to get rid of dieting long-term and once and for all.
  • ​​You crave confidence to move forward in your life.
  • ​You want to find out where your pain and anxiety is coming from.
  • ​You have 3 hours per week to dedicate to this program.
  • ​You're ready to finally reach true self-love and, as a byproduct, finally reach your ideal weight.

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a diet plan or quick fix.
  •  ​​You are not willing to come into it with an open mind and open heart.
  • ​​You're not ready to be honest with yourself.
  • ​You are not open to giving meditation a shot.
  • ​You're not willing to ask yourself the deep, important questions.
  • ​You want to stay a victim of your situation and circumstances.
  • ​​You think that just by watching you will be cured with no work required.
  • ​You don't have 3 hours per week to dedicate to this program.
  • ​You love your body and have never experienced negative self-talk.
  • ​You think all the self-love talk is overrated.


"I've been working on myself a lot lately, reading books and listening to every podcast. Even with all the work I've done, Andrea was able to get me to open up on a deeper level. Her tools and guidance have helped to guide me in making huge strides in my life. I now know where to move towards, thanks to her extraordinary skillset."
- Veronica Fabara
"This program has introduced me to a whole new world! Being a teenage girl, I thought I wasn’t going to get much out of this, BUT I’VE LEARNED SO MUCH!! I’ve learned things about myself that I didn’t even know I could learn. It’s not easy, I’m not going to lie, but wow... I feel like a better person. It’s that simple. I’ve learned to love myself, to put myself first, to breathe and to meditate. I’ve learned why people are rude to other people... and themselves, to appreciate every day, and lastly to love everyone, stop judging, and just really love myself. Thank you Andrea for these amazing life lessons that continue on! "
- Paulina Patruno
“Andrea is generous, intuitive and very knowledgeable about real transformation. I always looked forward to our lessons and coaching calls and she made herself available to support me via e-mail and Facebook. I've been able to move from a sense of being broken and needing fixing to a place where I'm simply human and can take the time to sit with myself and find a true sense of self. I have not worked with any other coach of her caliber. She will truly change your life."
- Soraya Kramer
"Andrea's program has helped me in a way I never thought possible. Not only is she knowledgeable and caring but she has gotten things out of me that I never thought were stopping me and keeping me from my full potential. I thought my issue was with food but we were able to heal things so much deeper! I'm so grateful to have found this program and can't wait to see and live my brighter future."
- Juanita Escobar
"I absolutely LOVE this program. It is so nice being able to open up, dig deep and realize that I'm not the only one going through a hard time. Most importantly, I now have the tools and knowledge to change my life and my emotions. I'm not even done with this program and have gotten more out of it than I could have ever imagined."
- Stephanie De Vaal
"I loved that Andrea gave real world examples and made things applicable. Learning how to handle my emotions and anxiety by caring and loving myself with my full heart was the most valuable. I've learned to truly be there for myself and that's priceless. "
- Jenna Miller
I am so grateful for having had the chance to connect with Andrea. I had been searching for a therapist and her services were a godsend, better than what I was looking for. With Andrea I felt heard. I learned that I am not my emotions or thoughts, but that these things are tools for me to learn about myself. I learned how I can work with them to properly take care of myself rather than fall victim to them. This shift in perspective allows me to now truly be there for myself. After my sessions I always felt empowered and uplifted. I now feel like I have a relationship with myself. Not just any relationship but a healthy one; I found compassion for me. If you ever get the chance to connect with her and you feel called towards growth, I wouldn't look elsewhere.
- Victoria Osorio
Andrea is impactful because she truly cares. 
While other coaches are churning and burning clients, Andrea goes the extra mile with her time, attention to detail, and follow through. She is truly obsessed with helping people move out of suffering and rising into a beautiful state. We all must put in the work, but with Andrea in my corner, I feel like I am not going it alone. 
- Zina Dekkers
I felt like I had done it all- read every book, every diet, workout, personal trainer, etc and it didn’t matter how fit I got, I was never satisfied or understood the concept of genuine self-love. I thought I was forever doomed in this deep dark hole of self-loathing. But then along came this program... Andrea has helped me transform my life and break free from body issues through both a process of combining mental shifts and emotional healing, along with tapping into the physical body’s innate wisdom through movement. 
She has helped me identify, work through, heal, and release “body image issues” so that I can finally start really living. Through the modules and our raw and real conversations Andrea has helped me come to many realizations, some of which were not easy. Considering she has gone through a very similar journey, she is relatable and so understanding of exactly what I am struggling with. This was huge for me - talking with someone who TRULY understands what you’re thinking and feeling and is able to help you dig deep and comprehend why. This program has given me the best gift of all - so much hope. In my eyes, Andrea is the ultimate success story, yet she makes it known, loud and clear, that she too is still a work in progress. She has helped me implement strategies that work for me specifically. 
I love that she didn’t downplay the process of learning to love and accept myself, and never promised me it was going to be an easy one, but she assured me there are ways to heal. Andrea is without a doubt one of the kindest, most selfless people I know and truly wants to help. This is Andrea’s purpose in life and is what she was born to do. Once you realize how much she genuinely cares, and experience her special way of making you feel loved, it makes you want to pay it forward and help change the lives of others. If you need a program and coach that can and will make a difference, Andrea is your girl and this program is it.
So thankful for her wisdom and her heart.
- Annonymous

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